Get Involved!

Volunteer Opportunities

The CRA has many opportunities for residents, businesses and community groups to get involved in the improvement and redevelopment of neighborhoods, and regularly schedules volunteer events throughout the CRA District. Some of the opportunities are:

  • Community Garden and Park: Offer your time to maintain this wonderful community asset in Riviera Beach Heights. Volunteers are needed for everything from routine cleaning and property maintenance to watering, mulching and planting. Contact CRA Director of Neighborhood Services Annetta Jenkins at

  • House by House: We are improving the visual appearance of homes within the CRA District one house at a time, and just a few hours of your time can go a long way. This is a great opportunity for community groups and businesses and their employees to make a significant contribution to our redevelopment efforts.

  • Neighborhood Watch: The CRA’s Clean and Safe program is looking for Block Watch leaders and volunteers to promote improved communication between residents and law enforcement, and to form Patrol Teams that watch for suspicious activity. Contact CRA Clean and Safe Operations Manager Neimah Spence at


Advisory Committee

Community empowerment and transparency are vital components of the CRA’s mission. To maintain accountability to its communities, the CRA has formed the Executive Director’s Advisory Committee (EDAC), which is made up of volunteers who advise the Executive Director on plans to address the redevelopment needs of the City and the tools needed to foster and support redevelopment. This committee is non-political, and its members are appointed by the CRA Executive Director. Advisory Committee members are chosen based on their service commitment to the City; expertise in the field of real estate or finance; or business owners in the redevelopment area.